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The Chowk

asar 15 dahi chiura khane din

Asar 15: Dahi Chiura Khane Din

The monsoons in Nepal provide more than just pleasant rain; they also usher in a series of vibrant celebrations. Likewise, a traditional and unique festival is Dahi Chiura Khane Din. This festival lies on Ashar 15, and to Nepali folks, this day is referred as Dhan Ropne din or Dahi Chiura Khane din. Asar 15 is a joyous occasion where people, especially farmers, celebrate the start of the season’s plantation. This very day also marks the beginning of the monsoon season; hence, it is an agricultural festival for all communities of Nepal.

Every year on Asar 15 of the Nepali calendar, the fifteenth day of the third month, lies this festival of unity among different communities. People of every ethnicity come together on the field, plant seedlings, play in the mud, dance, and sing traditional songs. Amongst these cultural practices, eating Dahi Chiura is also one of the compulsory customs. According to popular belief, touching wet mud on this day will result in good health, good omens, and social recognition.

This day is also significant for other reasons. This festival heralds the rainy season and instills hope and joy in the farming community. Farmers begin to plant paddy in their water-filled fields because rice requires a lot of water. After all the hard work, farmers encourage their families, friends, and neighbors to join them in celebrating the festival with them. People of all ethnic backgrounds come down to their fields and celebrate this festival together.

Let’s look at how to prepare Dahi Chiura, a staple food of this day.

Dahi chiura, a mixture of curd and beaten rice, is a sweet dish often eaten as a dessert. During the day, tired farmers tend to enjoy this meal to replenish their energy after a long hard day full of work. The farmers and everyone around the country eat this meal to celebrate this day. Dahi chiura pleases our taste buds and has many beneficial factors such as relieving indigestion problems and strengthening our body. It is rich in fiber and carbohydrates. Researches show that Dahi Chiura is considered a complete meal and probiotic food.

As most of the income is generated through agriculture in Nepal, this festival signifies unity and economic prosperity to all Nepalis. This festivity was only recently declared a national holiday with respect to the farmers who work for the prosperousness of the country. This notion has brought jubilation among the Nepalese people, and an increasing number of people participate in this festival each year.

On this joyous occasion, we welcome you all to visit The Chowk to celebrate and get a closer view of this tradition by relishing our authentic Nepali food.

Let’s get muddy on Ashar 15 with The Chowk.

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