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The Chowk

Deconstructing The Love for Biriyani

Biriyani is the celebration of all that is good about Nepali cuisine. The intoxicating scents, vibrant colors, fluffy rice, and tempting curry flavors make this dish worth the hype. This world-renowned dish has become a staple cuisine in Nepali households. Best enjoyed with friends and family, you can never go wrong with ordering a biriyani.

The origin of Biriyani has many stories attached to it that date back to the Mughal era. It is believed that Mughal Empress Noor Jahan ordered the dish to be prepared for her army’s starving men. Others claim it was created for the workers who helped in the construction of the Red Fort in Delhi. However, they all agree that Biriyani was created to ensure that the average person received his fair share of nutrition through protein from the meat, carbohydrate from the rice, and immunity from the spices. Today, centuries later, biriyani is as popular with the common man as it is with the gourmand in a fine dining restaurant.

Biriyani is known for its diverse history, and its taste varies from country to country. It made its way to Nepal from the subcontinents of India and quickly became a favorite of Nepalese people who added their own Nepalipan to Biriyani. Rice, the meat of your choice (chicken or mutton), cashew nuts, green beans, carrots, and spices such as cardamom, bay leaves, coriander, ginger, onions, pepper, and garlic give the utmost flavor to Biriyani. Proper herbs and spices make the Biriyani aromatic and a delicious meal.

The eateries in Nepal specializes in biriyanis from Hydrabadi Biriyani to Haadi biriyani, but the biriyani spot that you absolutely shouldn’t miss is Mubarak biriyani. This family-owned restaurant is one of the firm establishments of Nepalgunj, and people can’t seem to get enough of its famous mutton biriyani.

If you’re still wondering why all Nepalese love Biriyani, then let me take you through the process of creating this sublimity.

Biriyani is a piece of art, and the one who makes it, the artist. While the process appears simple, it requires expertise and years of practice. That’s why the perfect biriyani is such a rare find. One’s choice of meat is marinated overnight then laid down on a special pot with ghee. On top of that, long-grain rice is layered with aromatic spices and scents that pervade the entire room. This blend of flavors then becomes what we know as Biriyani. And as if the meal isn’t already a masterpiece, it also comes with a side dish; Raita. This tangy and spicy side dish elevates your flavor experience. So, we can undoubtedly say that Biriyani is a one-stop shop for everyone who likes good food.

Here at The Chowk, we bring you the authentic taste of home right to your doorstep. This wholesome meal has been one of our top sellers. And if you are craving for Biriyani, join us at The Chowk to celebrate your love for Biriyani.

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