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Are you also a foodie whose hobby is to sweet up, salt up, or spice up your day with different tastes every day? Then you are scrolling up on the right webpage. 

The Chowk has been serving the taste of Nepalipan to feast your senses at the pub location. Check out our menu to know what suits your taste buds. 

The traditional and modern trends in Nepali food have always gained the best compliments all around the world and now it deserves the touch of your hands too. 

Roll up your sleeves guys, we’re going to share some of the tastiest and easiest Nepali recipes that will definitely make you lick your fingers

Samay Baji : The Newari Khaja Set

The architectural majesty, the baroque rituals, the language, the vestments, the intoxicating tunes of Dhime and Jhyamta, the legends of ancient kingdoms, the magnificent chariots and, of course, the mouth-watering cuisine create the intricate and beautiful tapestry of the vibrant […]

Asar 15: Dahi Chiura Khane Din

The monsoons in Nepal provide more than just pleasant rain; they also usher in a series of vibrant celebrations. Likewise, a traditional and unique festival is Dahi Chiura Khane Din. This festival lies on Ashar 15, and to Nepali folks, […]

Nepalese Food and Australia

Cultures come with emotion and this emotion is sometimes blended in with the cuisine. Set against the lap of the Himalayas, the people of Nepal have diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, and this frame of influences is reflected within the country’s […]

Ganatantra Diwas: Why Republic Day is Celebrated

Republic day or Ganatantra Diwas is a special day in the history of Nepal. We celebrate Ganatantra Diwas to remember the significant step citizens of Nepal took toward their freedom by overthrowing a decade-long dictatorship monarchy and establishing a nation […]


Almost instantaneously recognizable due to its unique triangular shape, Samosa is a snack that no one could resist. This triangular delight is popular not just in Nepal and India but all over the world. The vegetable samosa is a deep-fried […]

Bhuttan: A Delicacy of the Newars

If you ever visit the Kathmandu valley in Nepal, you will most definitely be welcomed with Newari cuisine. Newari cuisine belongs to the indigenous Newa people, often known as Newars, of the Kathmandu valley and they have refined the thousands […]

Navabarsha : The Nepali New Year

We celebrated New Year 2022 with much admiration, but that is not all for the Nepalese. Nepal is home to diverse ethnic groups and has the perk of celebrating New Year at different times. Nepali New Year, also known as […]

Maha Shivaratri : The Night of Lord Shiva

On the fourteenth day of the dark fortnight that occurs in February – March month as per the Hindu Lunar calendar, lies the festival of Maha Shiva Ratri. Maha Shivaratri is one of the most cherished festivals of Nepal celebrated […]

Taas : From Outside the Border to the Heart of People

If you are from Nepal, you may be familiar with the term Chitwan Taas. Taas is a famous meat dish in Nepali cuisine that gained popularity just over a decade ago when restaurants in Chitwan started selling them. Now, Taas […]

Holi: The Festival of Colours

Colours, camaraderie, love, the arrival of spring, the end of winter and the triumph of good over evil! These are all the things we celebrate Holi for. Fagu Purnima, also known as Holi, is a Hindu festival that is celebrated […]


Chaats are pure happiness! It is a type of dish that offers a symphony of every flavor profile and texture imaginable that makes something irresistible— sweet, sour, tangy, spicy, and crunchy. Chaat is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed […]

Deconstructing The Love for Biriyani

Biriyani is the celebration of all that is good about Nepali cuisine. The intoxicating scents, vibrant colors, fluffy rice, and tempting curry flavors make this dish worth the hype. This world-renowned dish has become a staple cuisine in Nepali households. […]


Newari cuisine is a cornucopia in itself within Nepali cuisine. From creating original delicacies like Bhuttan, Aalu Tama, Sapu Mhicha, etc., to putting their twist on the Tibetan dumplings to create Newari momo, Newari cuisine is a gift that keeps […]

Lassi: From Indra Chowk to The Chowk

While fizzy drinks, ice-creams, and iced coffee drinks are great for refreshment, they are not so great for your health. For people looking for a healthier option without compromising on delectability, there is a yogurt-based drink in town. It’s refreshing, […]

Gundruk Sadheko: The Ultimate Snack King!

You’re done with a hectic week and now chilling on your sofa, vibing with your favorite music with a glass of wine by your side. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect, me-time weekend? And if you want a homemade, piquant […]

Solmari Dabakka: The Yeti’s Favorite Drink in Hobart

Chhaang, Chang, or Chhyang is a popular alcoholic drink commonly enjoyed in Nepal and Tibet as well as in parts of India, Pakistan, and Bhutan. Usually made from fermented barley, millet, or rice, Chhyang is similar to another Nepali alcoholic […]

The Nostalgia of Pani Puri

As Nepali, our mouth starts watering, thinking of spicy and tangy Panipuri. This street food sensation is known all over Nepal for its tongue-tingling, flavorful punch to the palate. Try walking past a Pani Puri stall, and you can’t resist […]

The Craze for Chowmein In Nepal

When you think of Nepali fast food, Chow Mein is one of the dishes that would come to your mind. Originally from China, Chow Mein is considered one of the most popular dishes in Nepal after MoMos, of course. For […]

A Day With MoMo is A Day Well Spent

There’s no doubt about the fact that momo is one of the most loved dishes in Nepal. It is enjoyed by people of all ages and is available at almost every other doorstep. The popularity of momo has transcended communal […]