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republic day ganatantra diwas

Ganatantra Diwas: Why Republic Day is Celebrated

Republic day or Ganatantra Diwas is a special day in the history of Nepal. We celebrate Ganatantra Diwas to remember the significant step citizens of Nepal took toward their freedom by overthrowing a decade-long dictatorship monarchy and establishing a nation ruled by its people. According to the Nepali calendar, this glorious day falls on Jestha 15 (May 29). The civil warfare that had lasted for years came to an end with the establishment of the republic.

Let’s take a look at the prestigious history of the republic day.

In 1768, the first step toward modern Nepal was taken by King Prithivi Narayan Shah when he conquered Kathmandu valley and began his colonization campaign by uniting small independent states into one nation. Then in 1846, Junga Bahadur Rana founded Rana Regime, which lasted over a decade till 1951. The prime ministers and other government officers inherited their position, and the monarch had no say in the political affair of the nation. Rana regime was indeed a dark period in the history of Nepal.

The nation was not pleased with the Rana regime, which led to the start of the 1951 revolution that ended the Rana oligarchy. Nepal became a constitutional monarchy, but in 1960, King Mahendra suspended the constitution and became an absolute monarch.

In 1992, after 32 years, the elected government of Nepal was formed. However, the policies made by the new government led to economic crises in the country. The citizens of Nepal were not happy with the government, which led to the beginning of the people’s movement. As a result, after 240 years of monarchy, Nepal got declared a republic nation on May 28, 2008.

Various programs are held throughout the country to celebrate republic day. Every year in the capital (Kathmandu), the program is organized in the Nepal Army Pavilion in Tundikhel, with the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, and other ministers and senior officials in attendance. Similarly, the country’s security forces put on a series of precision drills and parades to mark the occasion. The Nepal Army, Armed Police Force, and Nepal Police arrange patriotic musical performances, bands from the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, female police officers, and army troops perform. To celebrate this day the government offices, schools and universities remain closed throughout the country.

On this day, the citizens of Nepal got the sovereignty and power to form a democratic government and create their constitution. We observe republic day as a milestone in Nepal’s history where the Nepalese took a crucial step toward becoming a federal democratic republic and ruling their nation. The day is celebrated with pride and freedom by all Nepalis around the world.

We here at The Chowk would like to salute all the brave Nepalese who have made republic day possible and is still fighting for greater Nepal. Happy Ganatantra Diwas to all Nepalese brothers and sisters from The Chowk team.

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