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The Chowk

Gundruk Sadheko: The Ultimate Snack King!

You’re done with a hectic week and now chilling on your sofa, vibing with your favorite music with a glass of wine by your side. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect, me-time weekend? And if you want a homemade, piquant snack that can add more to this perfection, then what better option to go with than Gundruk sadheko!

Regarded as one of the national dishes of Nepal, Gundruk is a traditional dish made of fermented/ marinated leafy vegetables, mostly spinach. It has a slightly sour taste with an aromatic odor and is delicious.

Nepal and Nepali Dish are incomplete without a punch of gundruk, and like most ingredients in Nepali cuisine, gundruk is homemade. If you visit the villages of Nepal, you’ll find almost every alternate house having these leaves kept to soak outside in the sun. Any dish is tasty when it has the tangy punch of gundruk in it. If you’re familiar with Nepali dishes, you might have heard about Dhedo. Dhedo is the traditional and authentic Nepali taste that goes best with gundruk. The traditional lifestyle of Nepali households revolves around gundruk and dhedo. So, this background might have clarified how special this dish is to the Nepali taste.

Gundruk Sadheko is served in almost every restaurant that you find in Nepal, and it is typically served with chilled drinks. The brown soaky texture of the dried leaves mixed with lemon juice and veggies makes it look mouth-watering, and the taste is even more satisfying when it treats your tastebuds.

With a preparation time of just 5 minutes and a cooking time of 10 minutes, Gundruk Sadheko is extremely easy to make and gratifies your taste expectations fully. All you need are Gundruk, cilantro, salt, Timur powder, lemon juice, cumin, coriander, oil, red chili and onion, tomatoes, garlic, ginger; all finely chopped. Soak the gundruk in hot water for about half an hour and mix it with other ingredients as per your requirement. Then, your tasty Gundruk Sadheko is ready. It can be served as a side dish with Dhedo or rice, or it can be enjoyed with your favorite alcoholic drink for the perfect pairing.

This authentic and unique taste has been brought all the way from the hills of Nepal to the city of Hobart, and our professional chefs at The Chowk prepare it with magic that gives you the actual taste that you find in Nepal.

If you are enticed by this dish, do not miss a chance to taste it, only available at The Chowk.

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