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The Chowk

Nepalese Food and Australia

Cultures come with emotion and this emotion is sometimes blended in with the cuisine. Set against the lap of the Himalayas, the people of Nepal have diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, and this frame of influences is reflected within the country’s dishes, prepared with the love and effort of the Nepali people. We cannot deny the fact that Nepali food has been one of the significant bases of recognition for the country. It combines a range of ingredients, techniques and characteristics from its neighbor nations with an authentic blend of its own gastronomic history.

Nepali dishes are found to be healthier as they do not comprise more fats, carbs or calories, yet there is no compromise on the taste, and this makes it more preferable. Common ingredients found across Nepalese dishes include lentils, potatoes, tomatoes, cumin, coriander, chilies, peppers, garlic and mustard oil. Yoghurt is also popular across Nepal for its healthy attributes and adaptable nature. It is used as a side dish or as a primary ingredient in drinks and desserts.

Australia is a nation that constitutes a significant population of Nepali people. For the people who visit Australia for the first time, the Nepalese society is like home with own people and own culture. With this welcoming environment of Australia, it is definite to have a shared culture between the Nepali and Australian people. This integration is smoothly held with the Food Culture. The Chowk, a recent pub established in Hobart with a large family comprising our untiring staff and happy guests, confirms that Nepali Food is one of the most loved foods in Australia. Our Non-Nepali guests addressing Momos as “Momos” and not “Dumplings” verifies the worldwide love for Nepali Food. 

Besides ‘Dal Bhaat’ being an iconic and a significant dish that is mandatory when it comes to talking about Nepali Food, Nepalese in Australia have been able to introduce a variety of Nepali Foods to the world outside Nepal. The Taste of Tasmania, one of the biggest food festivals in Australia, features many Nepali Dishes and to no one’s surprise, people have been loving it.

The diverse & ever-expanding Nepali culture has integrated finely into the warm & welcoming Australia, invigorating the love for Nepali food. With the consistent enthusiasm of Australia-based Nepalese in promoting and blending a pleasant and prosperous cross-culture upliftment with Nepali dishes is taking us above and beyond. How far it can go and how good it can be is something we all got to give time to find out.  

The Chowk, on this verge, has every Nepali Dish that you would adore to try.

Served with Love!

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