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Our Story

Our Story

This is Kiran Thapa, a proud Nepalese-born Australian entrepreneur, who first came to Australia in 2006 as an international student. Having gone through all the challenges a migrant has to go through, I have done my best to live my life to the fullest with natural beauty and amongst the amazing people, this beautiful Australia has to offer. 

Be it from my trekking experience in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, or my wallaby-chasing/farming struggle in Orielton, Tasmania, or the drive around the Australian outback of Mungo National Park, New South Wales, or my recent trekking of the Langtang region in Nepal, I have discovered that the best way to live life is through travel, getting close to nature and holding interactions with amazing people I meet along the way. 

I learn from nature and people. I learn from my observations of my surroundings. I believe in entrepreneurship as an exploration of myself and the expression of self-statement. I believe in thanking & spreading happiness through purposeful financial decisions. The latest venture I am embarking into is to bring all these together to share my experiences, stories, foods, and cultural vibrancy that this world has to offer through my eyes. 

The Chowk is Australia’s first, if not the world’s first, Nepalese pub. It is all about celebrating the hundreds and thousands of Nepalese migrants living in and contributing to the multicultural richness of Australia. I would like to offer this as a social hub for everyone to enjoy the foods, drinks, vibes and Nepalese-hood. I’d rather call myself the creator (not the businessman) of this concept and the people interacting in the venue will actually own this space. My intention is always to offer my knowledge, intelligence, resources and energy to provide the best possible and practical experiences at this venue. Through the foods, drinks, and vibes, I would like to take you all through Nepal and the way how Nepalese people (or people of Nepalese origin) celebrate living, a beautiful gift of nature, all across the world. 

Nepal has amazing mountains that rises from as low as 59m to the highest peak in the world (Mt Everest at 8,848m). Not only this, the diversity of foods and culture is also another stunning aspect of Nepal. Each dish we serve carries some story, either from my upbringing in a remote village of Nepal, or my travel experiences through different parts of Nepal. Our foods are sorted on the basis of altitude (not on the price!) and there will be a lot of creativity thrown into this pub as we go along. 

On the auspicious day of Nepalese Hindus, Bijaya Dashami, I am offering this venue to you all!

Sincerely yours, 

Dr. Kiran Thapa


The Chowk – Nepalese Pub