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chitwan taas

The Chowk

chitwan taas

Taas : From Outside the Border to the Heart of People

If you are from Nepal, you may be familiar with the term Chitwan Taas. Taas is a famous meat dish in Nepali cuisine that gained popularity just over a decade ago when restaurants in Chitwan started selling them. Now, Taas is one of the staple cuisines among Nepali people best enjoyed with alcoholic beverages.

Although Taas is known as a famous dish from Chitwan, if we look at the origin of Taas, it is believed that it came from Muzaffar, Raxaul, the border area of India. This dish was introduced in Nepal by Burmese-Nepalese that inhabit Mid-Southern Nepal, Chitwan. However, the credit for introducing Taas in Chitwan and all over Nepal goes to Bhetghat Taas. Bhetghat Taas has been serving mouth-watering Taas for over a decade, and no trip to Chitwan is complete without a visit to Bhetghat Taas. It is fascinating to see how Taas has become a beloved dish for locals and others as they come to Chitwan just to taste authentic Taas.

Are you wondering how this meaty delight is prepared? Then hang on with me. In Taas, meat and garlic fries are the most critical components. Firstly, meat is fried in a thick-bottomed pan called Tawa. The pieces are then made bite-sized and fried with olive oil and Nepali spices like cumin and coriander seeds powder, ginger, and garlic with a pinch of red chilli powder. It is then fried again for a few seconds until the meat gets soft and fried again to ensure it reaches golden brown colour with a smoky flavour on the outside yet remains tender and juicy on the inside.

Secondly, fried garlic is prepared. Garlic is chopped finely and fried on one side of Tawa while the meat is cooked on another side. Meat must be fried on the high heat side of the tawa, whereas garlic should be fried where the heat is low, or else the garlic can get overcooked. Meat and garlic are then served with puffed rice, radish pickle, tomato chutney, and green chillies to give a piquant crunch and bite. Lamb or mutton is the preferred meat for Taas, but chicken and pork Taas are also available.

The diversity of Nepal is reflected in its cuisines and Taas is no exception. Its peculiar recipe has kept it popular among food lovers and connoisseurs. Nothing can beat the taste of tender and aromatic meat combined with puffed rice, achaar, and dregs of fried spices. Whether with friends or family, you can never go wrong with ordering Taas. Taas with drinks is a perfect snack for happy hours.

The Chowk offers you a taste of home inspired by authentic Nepali cuisines, and nothing screams Nepali cuisine like Taas. If you want to enjoy the unique flavours of Nepal or miss the taste of Chitwan ko Taas, then visit The Chowk with your loved ones.

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