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Why Nepalese Pub

Nepal and Nepali Culture

Nepal is a land of discovery and unequaled experiences steeped in rich ancient cultures. However, the biggest appeal for many is its people. Home to 126 castes and ethnic groups speaking 123 languages, Nepal has diverse communities with their own customs and traditions. Such diversity has resulted in one of the widest ranges of cuisine in the world, famous for its simplicity and depth of flavor.

So much of our culture is rooted in our food. We have special dishes for every occasion, and they hold social as well as religious importance. For instance, a handful of sesame seed laddus can bring back the warm memories of celebrating Maghe Sankranti with our family, or a bowl of rice pudding can remind us of our mother’s delectable hand-made food that we relished on Shrawan 15. Sel Roti on Tihar, mutton curry on Dashain, Beaten rice on Asar 15, Halwa on Maha Shivaratri, Kwati on Janai Purnima, and the list goes on.

Nepali in Australia

In recent years, Australia has emerged as a prime destination for Nepalese pursuing higher studies and a better way of life. Nepalese people account for 7 percent of the foreigners studying in Australia. It is safe to say that it has become a home away from home for a substantial Nepali community. It is a testament to Gurkhali perseverance that we were able to create such a community in a foreign land. However, such a feat did not come without sacrifices.

Creating a life overseas, in itself, is a grueling task, even more so in a country that has an entirely different culture than ours. For many, working more than 40 hours a week becomes the norm in order to sustain their lifestyle. Add getting homesick from being thousands of miles away from home and pressure to keep up with your studies (if you’re a student) to that, and you get yourself a recipe for a restless life.

But Nepali life has never been all work and no play. Yes, we are hard-working, dependable people, but we also enjoy our lives to the fullest, as evident by the many festivals, traditions, and rituals we have. The celebrations are grand with extravagant fairs, baroque customs, opulent chariots, and masterful performers, but we also savor the little things involved, like spending time with family members. Carrying on with the same spirit of Nepalese hospitality, heritage, and halcyon times, we bring you The Chowk.

The Chowk

The Chowk was created through the initiative of Dr. Kiran Thapa, founder, and CEO of Capkon and Purple Love, who wanted to instill nostalgia and the Nepali experience in a project that was missing from the city. The atmosphere we create in our pub, the cuisine, and the services we offer our customers, are the outcomes of our passion and commitment, which is renewed every day.

Our passion for food as Nepalese is a lifestyle. The traditions of our country are our main source of inspiration, so we put care into every tiny detail to bring out the beauty and quality of our national cuisine. We embrace the artisanal way of working with diligence, hands, and heart. We put our heritage at the forefront of everything we do with hopes of reviving it in a faraway land and instill it in a generation growing up away from home. With influences ranging from Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, to Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, and everything in between, you’ll find a timeless selection of comforts, classics, and curiosities at The Chowk.

Located in Hobart, we offer a unique yet familiar dining experience, complete with upcoming original happenings like festival-themed celebrations, live music sessions, and more.

Come, taste Nepal at The Chowk — we’ll see you soon!